The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement was signed by the United States, Mexico and Canada in November 2018. When approved by the legislatures of all three countries, the agreement would replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)


NCGA supports USMCA because the new agreement will solidify a $4.56 billion export market and provide some certainty as farmers begin the hard work of planting and harvesting their crop. Ratifying USMCA will also instill confidence in other nations that the U.S. is a reliable partner and supplier, ensuring U.S. agriculture remains competitive for generations to come.


Mexico and Canada are the U.S. corn industry’s largest, most reliable market.


  • U.S. ag exports have tripled to Canada and quintupled to Mexico since NAFTA. 

  • Mexico is the top buyer of U.S. corn, purchasing 25 percent of corn exports. 
  • In 2018, 21.4 million metric tons of corn and corn co-products were exported to Mexico and Canada, valued at $4.56 billion. 
  • These exports produced $5.79 billion in economic activity, supported 36,480 jobs and 300,000 farms. 


North American ag trade supports the economy beyond the farm gate.


  • In 2017, 21.6 million American jobs were related to agriculture, 11 percent of total U.S. employment. 
  • The food and beverage sector is the largest U.S. manufacturing sector, representing 12 percent of all U.S. manufacturing jobs. 
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that NAFTA supports 12 million U.S. jobs. 


 Corn farmers cannot afford the risk of losing this market.


  • If Congress does not approve the USMCA, and the United States withdraws from NAFTA, tariffs in all three NAFTA countries would revert to most favored nation (MFN) status, amounting to a $9.4 billion loss in agricultural exports. Purdue University and Farm Foundation Study
  •  Without NAFTA, we would experience a $800 million drop in corn production and a $13 billion hit to farm sector GDP. U.S. Grains Council-commissioned study
  • Having an agreement in place allows America to compete. The United States has much more competition in North America now than when NAFTA was signed - Mexico has 46 FTAs and Canada has 21. 
  • We need USMCA to pass this year to provide farmers with certainty and to instill confidence in future trading partners that we are reliable suppliers and partners! Please bring it to a vote this year. 


Withdrawing from the existing NAFTA agreement, closing the U.S.-Mexico border, or implementing other policies that jeopardize the future of this important economic partnership, would be catastrophic for agriculture. Even the threat of such actions creates uncertainty for farmers. The loss of the North American market would amount to a $9.4 billion annual drop in agricultural exports and a $13 billion hit to the farm sector GDP.


Take Action!  Tell Congress to Pass USMCA


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